Portfolio Due 3/24

For the portfolio, compile a portfolio that includes 1) rough draft of grant proposal, 2) final draft of grant proposal,  3) 1 page reflection on your progress from the rough draft to the final draft, 4) 1-2 page cover letter reflecting on what you learned in the course overall.

You can submit these as several documents or compile into a single document.


Last Daily Writing! Due 3/15

Daily Writing: Reflect on the Grant Proposal project. What do you feel confident about? If you could revise again, what do you know could use improvement? What did you learn about writing along the way?

I will submit your daily writing grade to gauchospace on 3/17.


Submitting your Final Draft

I’m very pleased with your proposal drafts. You have a couple of days to finalize everything.

I have office hours Thurs 5-6pm, and I will be in my office Friday 12-1:30.

Instructions for submitting:

Submit as PDF or docx on Gauchospace. Include a link to your CFP or grant giving organization on the title page of the proposal. 

Please ask if you have any questions at all.

Peer Review Form

To prepare for our group meetings on Tuesday, read  the drafts of every person you will meet with on Tuesday.  While reading, feel free to make comments in the margins or mark places that may need revising, explaining, or deleting. Come to our meeting prepared to give your classmates concrete feedback on 1) what they’ve done really well and 2) what they could revise to further improve the grant proposals.

In addition, fill out this form each of your classmates before the meeting. Give the filled out form to your classmates during our meeting. Just to be clear, if you have 1 person in your meeting, you will fill this out 1 time. If you have 2 people in your meeting, you will fill this out 2 times (one for each proposal). Hang on to the peer review form. You will need to submit it to Trish in class on 3/9. 

1 –  Summarize what you understand about the project and its significance (3-4 sentences).

2 – List aspects of the project that you did not fully understand or that you think could use to be explained in more detail.

3 –  Read the CFP. How has the author appealed to the goals and the values of the audience/CFP? How could they better appeal to their audience?

4 – Evaluate the ethos of the proposal. How could the author improve the credibility of this project and the proposal?

5 – From what you know about the writing conventions of a grant proposal, what could the authors do to best fit the form/style of a grant proposal?